Extensive On-Site Decontamination Services

We respond quickly and effectively to clean your building

Our team has been certified, licensed and is regularly tested to ensure they are operating at the highest level. We seek to be the front line to viruses and biohazards so you dont have to.

We can help your building meet any requirements it needs to reopen after it has had any contact with any dangers such as the corona virus. On a regular daily basis our team performs the following tasks for Calgary businesses:

  • Decontaminating compromised buildings
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Infected waste removal
  • Waste disposal services

Safe Disinfection Of Coronavirus Infected Sites

We Are Licensed To Decontaminate Coronavirus

Corona virus has taken Canada by storm and although Canada is taking measures to minimize the spread of the virus many businesses and its employees and will continue to be the front line to this deadly virus. The work that these essential businesses and employees do must continue to go on but it is essentially to keep these facilities running cleanly. That is exactly why we are here, we have both certifications and experience in decontaminating deadly biohazards and that is why we are here to decontaminate facilities from the Corona virus.

Since our team has years of experience in decontaminating offices, commercial buildings, religious buildings, recreational centres and more you can rest knowing our services will decontaminate your are effectively.

Here are a few reasons we are the best decontamination company in Calgary:

  • Our team handles the decontamination of biohazards on a daily basis
  • We have certification and licensing to deal with virus outbreaks
  • We perform regular decontamination of several local Calgary businesses

Before you choose any company to decontaminate your building do you know the difference between disinfection and decontamination? If you or the company you intend on using doesn’t know the difference, they will not know how to make an appropriate plan to ensure your building is safe to open for its regular activities.

Our decontamination team begins every job with a plan, that plan is decided well before we enter the building and that is what sets us apart from any decontamination company in Calgary.

We have already mentioned that our team is certified to deal with viruses, but what else makes us the best decontamination service in Calgary:

  1. We are prepared, we ensure that before we enter a job site we know the exact situation and make a plan to get rid of the virus in the most effective and efficient way.
  2. Our goal is to help your business stay open. We will provide a plan for your business to stay open by preventing the virus from passing by unnoticed.
  3. Orid has a response time that is unbeatable. We have the people for the right job, we will make sure that your decontamination is conducted promptly.