Lawn Aeration Calgary

Lawn Aeration

Everyone wants to have a lawn with thick, healthy, green grass. However, without realizing it your lawn may be experiencing drought stresses or be cut off from the air it needs to thrive. Too much thatch, a layer or organic material including dead and decomposing grass, can choke out your lawn from the air it needs. Compact soil can reduce the transport of water and nutrients from the surface to the grassroots. Lawn aeration helps reduce soil compaction, provides grassroots with access to air and nutrients and is one of the best things you can do for your lawns health a couple times a year!

What is Lawn Aeration?

As the name implies, Lawn Aeration, aerates your lawn. Grassroots need oxygen, water and certain nutrients to grow and thrive. However, Large thatch layers or compact soil can reduce the amount of oxygen, water and nutrients the grassroots have access to. To remedy this, the lawn must be aerated by removing small plugs of soil across the lawn. Once the plugs are removed, small holes about 6 cm deep and 1.5 cm wide are left in the lawn. These holes allow the grassroots to easily access all that they need to thrive. The whole process helps create deeper and healthier grassroots, which helps your grass grow thicker and stronger. The plugs pulled out of the ground are deposited on the lawn to break down naturally and further enrich your lawn.

Some Preparation Steps Before Aerating

  • Mark any irrigation heads or pipes as aerators can damage them.
  • Thoroughly water your lawn two days prior to aeration. This is because it is best to aerate when the soil is moist but not wet.
  • We do not recommend Lawn Aeration for lawns with tree roots, stones or rocks in the soil right beneath the surface.

Lawn Aeration can help make you lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements throughout the year. Grassroots need water and oxygen to thrive and lawn aeration increase the air exchange between the soil and atmosphere. lawn aeration can also reduce water runoff, reduce soil compaction, improve grassroots depth and health therefore increasing your lawns strength and thickness.

Lawn Aeration can be done multiple times during the year. However, we believe the best time to aerate is in late spring or early fall, optimizing grass growth during growing seasons. In cases where the soil is very compact or sparse, aeration can be done up to 4 times in a season.