Do You Need Lawn Fertilization In Calgary?

Calgary Lawn Care Packages

Our lawn care packages are here to help your residential or Commercial property have a luscious green summer without any weeds. You can trust our Calgary landscaping company to apply lawn care to your property because we have found a tried and proven way to provide lawn fertilizer in the most optimal way.

If you want a luscious green lawn we can get you there within roughly six weeks of our lawn fertilizer application program in Calgary.

Calgary Lawn Service Programs

Our Lawn Fertilizer Programs & Prices Are Unbeatable

Orid isn’t the cheapest cheapest landscaping company in Calgary but we provide an unbeatable service that is reliable and the best bang for buck in the Calgary area.

We don’t believe in providing cookie cutter service for your lawn and that is why we don’t have a generic lineup of three lawn fertilizing packages like most landscaping companies in Calgary.

Our team will first look at the condition of your lawn, find out what you require and then provide a quote directly to you. Give us a call if you have any questions about lawn fertilizing in Calgary today!

Our Lawn Fertilizer Application Process

Lawn Care Provided By Professional Landscapers

When you sign up for a package of lawn fertilizing in Calgary our team will perform regular checks and applications to your lawn to ensure it remains the envy of your neighbours. We do not provide the same application plan to all our clients because we believe in working on a case by case basis to ensure that what we provide for your lawn is effective,

too many landscaping companies in Calgary apply cookie cutter approaches that will not work for every lawn, we are different – give us a try today.

Just like the human body needs nutrients to grow and thrive so does your grass. Your grass lives, breathes and grows just like you and that is why you need to maintain and feed it with fertilizer if you want it to be luscious and green.

Our fertilizers will help your grass retain water, gain that deep green colour you have been hoping for and help enrich your soil.

Most of our clients used to originally believe that they should start their lawn care in Calgary around June because that is when Calgary begins to warm up.

This couldn’t be more wrong, you want hire a landscaping company in Calgary as soon as the ground begins to thaw. You want to start with aeration and power raking and once your grass begins to look more lively you want to begin regular fertilization and lawn care in Calgary