High Quality Parkade Cleaning

Affordable Parkade Cleaning In Calgary

We Are Quick and Efficient In Cleaning Parkades

Orid has been providing property services to Calgary since the early 90s, you can trust that when you hire us to clean your parkade we will do a great job.

It doesn’t matter if you need a simple parking lot sweep or a full parkade cleaning our team is willing to lend a hand even on a short notice. Our team will never leave your parkade with dirt, leaves or garbage left in the corners, when we say we will clean your parkade our goal is to leave it shining.

We offer sweeping services for for outdoor parking lots and our team also has the equipment to thoroughly clean parking garages.

Why We Are Expert Parking Lot Cleaners

Because our team has spent so much time servicing the Calgary area we have seen nearly everything there is when it comes to parking lots and parkades. We have cleaned outdoor lots, indoor parkades, out door parkades and anything else you can imagine.

Aside from being expert parkade cleaners in Calgary our team excels because we are very well equipped and extremely trained when it comes to parkade cleaning and maintenance.

For our team to clean your parkade or parking lot we require a few things to ensure that the cleaning goes effectively and smoothly. We require that you remove all vehicles from the parking lot in order for us to clean each and every stall and we also require that you remove any items that will block our access to the floor.

The final and most important thing to do would be to notify all the residents that we are conducting parkade cleaning to ensure nobody enters the parkade during cleaning time.

Because each and every parking lot varies in the amount of traffic it receives each job is unique to us. We price each and every parkade cleaning Calgary job individually and this is all based on the traffic, timeframe, materials needed and a few other key factors.

This in the end benefits you because we are able to price aggressively to fit within your budget for Calgary parkade cleaning season!