Do You Need Poly B Repairs?

Poly-B piping replacement

We are here to replace your Poly B piping in Calgary

You may have heard about Poly-B piping or many have had an issue with it in the past, it was heavily used from 1973 till roughly 1999 and can be recognized because is a grey flexible water pipe. Poly B piping is infamous because it is known to leak more often than not!

Do You Need A Poly-B Replacement

What to look out for in Poly B pipe replacement

If you have a higher chlorine amount in your water leaks will be caused through the system

Poly-B pipes that were installed too tight can lead to cracking which will inevitably lead to leaking

Incorrect installations can lead to leaks and damages as well, this is mainly due to polybutylene piping being under stress by being bent or other improper installation techniques

Leaks can be caused by Poly-B piping being subject to hot temperatures, this could be due to a heater, hot water tank or more.

Metal fittings should only be used on Poly-B piping, if your previous installer used the incorrect installations your Poly-B can lead to leakage

We want your home to stay safe and mold free, reach out to our Calgary plumbing team to discuss poly b replacement.